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Uniting the United Methodist Churches in Northern Garrett County for Ministry

The North Garrett United Methodist Parish is made up of 11 United Methodist congregations located in the Northern section of Garrett County Maryland. The Parish is part of the Potomac Highlands District in the West Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.
It is the hope of the Parish to have our churches work together to equip and send the members of our churches out into our communities to be the hands and feet of Jesus!
We are focusing our efforts on establishing ways to partnership together in ministry in an effort to strengthen our witness and outreach for Jesus Christ in our various communities and the world
To contact us:

North Garrett Parish Coordinator
Rev. R. Samuel Wachter
P.O. Box 129
McHenry, MD 21541

For further information please email:
Phone: 301 387-6832
About Us
Each of our 11 congregations offers a variety of ministries and each has its own unique way of fulfilling its call as a fellowship of believers. However, as Christian communities and United Methodist churches, there are many things we hold in common and there are ways that we hope to work together to fulfill our calling to make Disciples for Jesus Christ.
Our Vision: We envision that our churches will be inviting, welcoming, and hospitable congregations.

Our Purpose as a Parish is to:
*encourage the members of our churches to reach out to all people and receive them as they are,
*to attract new members and assimilate them into ministries which match their gifts and graces, and
*to assist all members in finding meaningful ways to share their faith.

As you look at the Church Service List page, we hope that you will see some of the ways our churches fulfill their vision and purpose for Evangelism Ministries. Times for worship and Sunday School are listed there.
As a Parish, there are also specific ways in which we work together to perform a variety of ministries beyond our individual churches. Sometimes it is a ministry we can fulfill more completely by working together. At other times, it is supporting another existing outreach ministry that we can encourage and support more effectively together. As you look at the Parish Activities page of this web sight, you can read about some of those programs that we join together to accomplish. Also listed are meetings and Parish events.

Perhaps you just found us by surfing the net, or maybe you have driven by one of our churches and wondered who and what we are, or perhaps you are moving to the area and are looking for a Christian community of faith. Or perhaps you are vacationing in our area, at Deep Creek Lake, or at one of our State Parks and are looking for a place to worship. You might even be "church-shopping," which is very common these days. The Local Church Activities and Church News pages shares with you things our churches are doing or have done along with upcoming activities planned at our churches that all are invited to.
People want to feel comfortable in a church setting, yet they often seek a place that will challenge them to deepen their faith. Oftentimes, life transitions prompt people to seek a new church home. You may be seeking a church home because of a new marriage, or the addition of a new child to your family. Maybe it's because you have experienced a significant loss in your life or because you are moving to a new place. Or perhaps it's simply because you want to strengthen your relationship with God or delve more deeply into your spirituality. You might want to explore different denominations, or you might seek the United Methodist Church because it is the denomination with which you are most familiar. Some people seek a church home because of its mission program or its music program or its opportunities in Christian education. There are a variety of reasons for seeking a church family and we welcome you to any of our 11 congregations.

The Remaining Pages of this sight share our ministries and ways our Parish is connected to our communities and the world, along with devotionals and challenging messages.

As the North Garrett United Methodist Parish we are striving to work together to fulfill God’s call.

Thank you for visiting. You are always welcome. The United Methodist Church has many doors through which people share in serving God and others. Whether you visit in person or via the Internet, we hope you discover something here to encourage you in your spiritual journey.
Together, we can open hearts, open minds and open doors.
The people of The United Methodist church. 

um_logo_2 The Northern Garrett United Methodist Churches

The content of these web pages is the responsibility of Rev. R. Samuel Wachter and the pastors of the Northern Garrett Cooperative Parish.

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